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Sunday, May 17th, 2009

Subject:email to meagan over flora shits
Time:5:29 pm.
Look, okay, remember that long ass "note" i posted on Facebook that you thought was about you, but it was really about MY MOM?
I JUST got back from the shore and see this by Flora: (WTF)
Because I wouldn't know any other way to be more forward because these indirects are so much more exhausting than you could ever imagine and while at first they were amusing to me they have become redundant and in retrospect to what was the silence was so much better. The dynamic of my life had never been writing and explaining to you all how and why I did what I did nope, no sir not even a little bit. But for some reason it snowballed into something all the more hypocritical then my oath to be the nicest person you would ever meet. So I can say its not the "veronicas" or even "the virgins" that make me want to write nope if anything they make me want to shimmy over to my room and have a concert because anything else would be better than this. Well actually that is a little lie but not really because I enjoy this more than you less than you but more. I'm not sure exactly when it all became a game but it was fun .

I mean because we knew it wasn't necessarily for each other and yet I would sit there and wonder. Because my little birdie told me all and at first I was mad. But how could I be mad at you what with the fact that you have such a way with words! (mmm... okay so maybe it was the fact that I love your lovely way with words. How you can make it all the more interesting than me while I use my box of 100 crayons and you only use one. Yours would be more colorful somehow, more interesting, and much more delightful to look at. Its not jealousy its envy. Because jealously is something that you want and can have and don't. but envying well that something you want but can't have so I guess its safe to say that I envy you I mean not in a creepy way. Because I'm okay with my hair and everything about me as a whole but your way with words the fact that you make everything so much more colorful than me without even trying. And so I said would it not be much more healthy to stay away and pretend that mines was the best. Well you see I considered this over and over again and I realized I can't stay away. Because as much as I want to deslike you I can't and as much as I try to stay away the more I'm drawn to you. So I should have turned and run right then and there when I found out rather than wither and stay and see. But I decided to stay because I figured that you are in someones life for one reason or another. Wether to play a possitive or negative part in their life. I know for a fact that I have met a lot of people all of which have ment something and all of which taught me more about life then I would have learned in a life time. The whole trust.infatuation.love.anger.forgiveness and ya ti ya ti yah...but whatever you see those people are no longer near or dear but I will never forget them. But for fear of living in regret I changed since we first met.

But who knows.. I mean this is not for one person because I love beating around the bush
and nope its not just for you its for all because there are way too many of you but if there
was one you would know it. Because you would be smiling in confusion and of amusment of
mental thoughts. It wouldn't be so much that you care or that its important because I fell that
a pomme the terre wouold be so much more than my words but whatever If there ever was a
time when venting was neede this would win.
Don't fret no problems just thoughts. just lyrics and just me...
So I will fly around in circles until my back begins to tingle..and
I will most likey keep chasing pavements.. But well i've learned
that its all about the thrill of the fall...

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Friday, March 6th, 2009

Time:7:42 pm.
On Valentine's day, in ref to the Creeper, I said: "Silly little fish, you don't know a thing about salt and brine like I do."


Flora, saying today or yesterday at most: "silly mouse don't you know bumble bees and me have more in common than you will ever know."

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Monday, March 31st, 2008

Subject:Chem Lab
Time:8:26 pm.

Flame Tests


Wendy Brewer

Completed: 3-21-08

(Make-up Assignment)

^(Top of page, please, as a title page, but erase this line.)



To understand the electromagnetic spectrum produced by metals simply by rea ding text is unnecessarily ridiculous. This experiment will give to such tired readers and any other observer a display to help them better understand the spectrum in the most sensible and much more appealing way- visually. When done, the lab researcher will be able to distinguish the different qualities of colour within a flame for each solution- known or unknown. Each element will be induced into an excited state, via burner, and will emit this absorbed energy by colouring the flame with its own unique hue.


 The colour of a flame depends on both element and the energy change taking place. Theorist of the atom, Bohr, explained that atoms absorb energy, which in turn makes its electrons “jump” to the successive, higher energy level. When energy is released, these electrons “fall” to their original level. This difference in levels are called photons, whose singular energy is described by the equation E=hv, where h stands for Planck’s constant (he was another scientist) and v is the frequency of the radiation. We can see the result of this- light, if the wavelength of the photon is anywhere from 400 nm to 700 nm. All wavelengths of visible light can be found in white light. Atoms of a specific element will, if excited, have a unique wavelength- meaning a unique colour of flame. In turn, a coloured flame can be used to find the identity of the element, and vice versa. This is precisely what we will do, asking ourselves “What colours are characteristic of particular metallic ions in a flame test?”


Chemical splash goggles

Laboratory apron

Solutions of the following salts:

Barium Nitrate

Copper Nitrate

Strontium Nitrate

Lithium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate

Sodium Chloride

Calcium Nitrate

Nichrome wire loop

Beaker, 50-mL

Hydrochloric acid, 6.0 M

Lab burner

One unknown solution


 1. Put on your goggles and apron.

2. Obtain a beaker with about 10 mL of 6.0 M Hydrochloric acid and a nichrome wire loop. Light the burner, and adjust the flame to low. USE CAUTION.

3. For each test, dip wire loop in one solution. Place the wire in the burner flame and observe. Record your observations on Data Table 1. Repeat this step until you have tested all seven solutions. Repeat also for Unknown solution but record observations in Data Table 2.


Data Table 1

Salt Solution


Barium Nitrate




Lithium Nitrate

Deep Red

Potassium Nitrate

Pale Pink-Purple

Sodium Chloride


Calcium Nitrate

Sparkly Orange

Strontium Nitrate



 Data Table 2


Salt Solution


UNKNOWN solution

Light Yellow Green



In conclusion, during the lab procedures I found that Barium was the metallic ion present in the unknown solution, mainly because the colours both flames shown a similar, light green. What was basically done in this lab was an experiment in which I could discern the different hues of singular elements, as well as view the resulting rainbow effect of the electromagnetic spectrum firsthand when excited (a.k.a. lit on fire), by inducing the release of photons from an elevated energy level in each element-sample. These colorful flames I saw were the physical manifestation of this release, and each colour was the result of each element’s energy having a different wavelength. Therefore, for every wavelength, there is a different, unique hue.

(If you could, double space this?  You can make it 10-font, though, please.)

Thank you Shane!
You're so goddamn cool!

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Monday, March 24th, 2008

Time:5:53 pm.
 I don't need an enemy to get me through this,
because obviously that just doesn't cut it.

I like that you make me want to be better.
I like that you don't force better onto me.

And I like most of all that you want my best all for ourselves.
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Sunday, March 9th, 2008

Subject:Hey, say hey.
Time:8:21 pm.

Thesis based on: Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote parable of other nations' chase of America's success; they never quite catch up.

Roadrunner: America, America's founding qualities The Allies.

Wile E. Coyote: The Axis and other opposing nations

Acme Products: New "confounded" technologies can't beat the good old qualities of a true American. Scheming vs. Steadfast.

America in the WW2:

-Patriotic, perhaps sense of nationalism.


--"The 1940's were dominated by World War II."

--"The successful use of

penicillin by 1941 revolutionized medicine. Developed first to help the military personnel survive war wounds, it also helped increase survival rates for surgery."

--"Tscrap drives Automobile production ceased in 1942, and rationing of food supplies began in 1943. Victory gardens were re-instituted and supplied 40% of the vegetables consumed on the home front."for steel, tin, paper and rubber. These were a source of supplies and gave people a means of supporting the war effort. here were


--"The United States emerged from World War II as a world superpower, challenged only by the USSR. While the USSR subjugated the defeated countries, the US implemented the Marshall Plan, helping war-torn countries to rebuild and rejoin the world economy. "

--"Although there were rumors, it was only after the war ended that Americans learned the extent of the Holocaust. Realization of the power of prejudice helped lead to Civil Rights reforms over the next three decades."

--"In 1949, three times as many college degrees were conferred as in 1940. College became available to the capable rather than the privileged few.

--"T1939 World Fair, but the war interrupted further development. In 1947, commercial television with 13 stations became available to the public. Computers were developed during the early forties. The digital computer, named ENIAC, weighing 30 tons and standing two stories high, was completed in 1945. "elevision made its debut at the


--"By 1940, radio had become a mass medium. Almost 80 percent of the households in the U.S. owned a radio. Yet before the war, only seven percent of the airtime was devoted to news. By the end of the war, 25 percent of the airtime was news, and audiences had been transported to the battlefront in live and recorded reports.

--"Jazz was the most popular form of music during the war, but there were audiences for country music, western swing, blues and R&B, rhythm and blues. "

--"Even in Germany itself, "swing kids" met in secret, defying the Gestapo, and played records. They tuned in to Allied radio. They danced. In Ken Burns' PBS series "Jazz," Jutta Hipp, a German-born jazz pianist, explained how important the music was. She and her friends felt a tie to America even when Allied bombers were overhead.

"You won't be able to understand this because you were born [in America], but to us, jazz is some kind of religion. We really had to fight for it, and I remember nights when we didn't go down to the bomb shelter because we listened to [jazz] records. We just had the feeling that you were not our enemies, and even though the bomb crashed around us ... we felt safe." "

--"During World War II, the U.S. government was faced with a big problem – how to provide both tanks and tractors. ... Just before Pearl Harbor, they issued a "limitation order." It said that production of civilian farm equipment would be held at 80 percent of 1940's production level, but that the companies should increase production of repair and maintenance parts dramatically. In other words, make fewer new tractors but help farmers repair their old ones. "tractors got smaller and more powerful, self-propelled combines were introduced, hydraulic systems made it possible to control larger implements, the Vise Grip pliers were invented and tractors replaced horses on farms forever."




--"But war production didn't stop innovation in agricultural machinery. In fact, it may have spurred new technologies. New challenges created innovation. During this decade,

--"German dictator Adolf Hitler invades Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands , Belgium, Luxembourg, and then France. He devastates opposing forces with "blitzkrieg," a strategy that stresses surprise, speed, and overwhelming force using air planes and mechanized ground forces."


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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Subject:what the hell was i supposed to write?
Time:8:06 pm.

Within my enrollment at the Bridgeton High School, I have encountered many different people with whom I spend my time. Unfortunately for me, not all encounters are pleasant; with some people, I find myself as relaxed and composed as a cat on a familiar lap, but, with others, the energies surrounding me are as taut and strained as cat fur reacting to a child playing carelessly with a tail. Reasons between myself and the Disagreeable Acquaintance are only of past events; they are obscured and distant in the minds of others. In my mind, however, they are fiery and burning, and, if my mind should happen to be distracted by happier things, well then, they remain as glowing embers, waiting to be alit and alive again.

Madame Defarge, procured from Charles Dickens' imagination for his novel, A Tale of Two Cities, and thusly imaginary herself, has experienced an all too realistic version of such a relation. Once a little girl of honest peasantry, her life at once was brutally sculpted by Fate with the crude tools of arrogance and cruelty in the form of the Evré monde brothers. These wealthy aristocrats, both readily and ever equipped with these tools, tormented her family mercilessly. As peasants, Madame Defarge and her family were accustomed to a life of servitude, if not slavery, in the name of their landlord. However, the brothers furthered their rule over this family because one of the brothers "saw her and admired her, and asked [her husband] to lend her to him." Though the husband would have submitted to the Evré mondes' request, Madame Defarge's older sister defied them so as to honour her marriage. As punishment, "they so harnessed him and drove him" by means of a cart. He, the husband, was to pull this cart "out in the unwholesome mists at night" and throughout the day, but he would not then concede for his wife. Finally relieved of the harness one day at noon, "he sobbed twelve times, once for every stroke of the bell, and died on [his wife's] bosom." This of course helps account for his wife's own hysteria, in which, presumably after being raped by her particular Evré monde admirer, she was lashed to a bed within their estate. Adding to her grief, her brother, after relaying news of the Evré monde brother's excursion with the Defarge sister to his father, whose "heart burst", trespassed into the Evré monde estate. At first "offered some money" and "then struck...with a whip", the Defarge brother struck back with a sword of his own. The Evré monde brother struck back, delivering a blow that left a fatal "wound in his breast." The boy consequently died soon after, but not before his sister began her "regular succession" of: " 'My husband, my father, my brother!' the counting to twelve, and 'Hush!' ". She, too, died of this torment regaled upon by the Evré monde brothers.

In a situation far less gruesome, I have encountered similar feelings of the spite and the wrath Madame Defarge undoubtedly felt. Both of us aware of how long these flames of fury linger, we, her shamelessly, I with perhaps disgrace, fed our fires with embittered memories. My months are the equivalent to the years she spent with a heavy heart, yet heavier still her fist. Years before a fervor incited "a vast dusky mass of scarecrows heaving to and fro", or, the revolt of peasants against aristocracy, if you will, Madame Defarge kept her wrath with her dearly.

It was years before a letter was introduced to the captive courts, a letter written by the hand of Alexandre Manette, the father in law of Charles Darnay, he himself of the direct bloodline of the Evré monde brothers. This was, in turn, read aloud in a greater scheme of Madame Defarge's, one in which she would surely execute all those whose veins enclose the blood of Evré monde. Similarly enough, I found myself rather indirectly revealing my Disagreeable Acquaintance as, well, the self-explanatory. It was by pure chance, luck even, that her discreditation began, and all by her own hand as well. However, Madame Defarge's scheme concluded in a far more gruesome end than my preferred excommunication for my own rival: decapitation by the guillotine. In equality to my own request that my friends may judge her accordingly, she, too, solicited the counsel of her peasant-replaced courtroom. This, obviously, was unfair on her end, as well as maybe on mine, in that our influence over our respective groups was vast.

Like my own wrath, Madame Defarge's did not tame when it came to others associated with her particular sources. There was no graciousness in her that politely excused the Evré monde brothers' blood-bonded relations from her feelings, her spite, as my own feelings, my own spite, curls out its tendrils upon those nearby to my Disagreeable Acquaintance. Madame Defarge cared nothing for in-laws, as I care nothing for the classmates of my own set of Evré monde brothers; we are in it for those who mean to be in it, or those who find themselves within it. Charles Darnay, who to no advantage had changed his surname from Evré monde, was at stake to pay, as was his child of a daughter, Little Lucy.

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Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Subject:OMG WTF BBQ QBQ (thanks shaners)
Time:11:05 am.
Mood: accomplished.
Wendy Brewer

The Southern Negro never had it easy in early American life. From being sold into slavery to becoming a persecuted freeman for the sole reason of skin color, they have endured countless trials and tribulations. Many well-intentioned but unsuccessful acts of sympathy occurred on the black man’s behalf, Reconstruction being one of them.
Granted, in legal perspective, citizenship and with it its rights and privileges were addressed in regards to American Negroes on a whole; what with Articles Thirteen through Fifteen of the Constitution altogether abolishing involuntary servitude (slavery), giving “…persons born or naturalized in the United States…” citizenship, as well as keeping said citizens free from deprivation of their rights. However, simple words written on paper could not protect the Southern Negro from their hostile white-American neighbors. No law could ever, nor will ever, be able to fully eradicate such deep-seeded racism as found in the south, and therefore such amendments were virtually useless.
Inhibiting the Southern Negro from enjoying his newfound status as citizen were extremely racist groups. Most notoriously known of these white supremacists were the Ku Klux Klan, a group formed in Tennessee, 1866, for the purposeful intent of hindering black suffrage and “…sought to…keep the freedmen in subjection.” (440) Klansmen, as members were so-called, alongside members of other terrorist groups like the White League, Rifle Clubs, Red Shirts, and many more congregated white supremacists, all wanted to keep the Southern Negro down. (443) Their fight was what they called the “Lost Cause”, as seen in Document J, Thomas Nast’s illustration of “This is a White Man’s Government”, engraved upon the Confederate’s knife he holds high. Also seen there is a paradigm of what is white supremacy: white men literally keeping a black man down, single foot of each placed upon him in classic victor’s pose, ballot box just out of reach and a USA flag rumpled right next to him. The intimidating message was made incredibly obvious by graphic images such as that, as well as acts of terror, and therefore white supremacists were successful in hindering the Southern Negro’s gains made from Reconstruction.
So, by force of combined efforts, these white supremacist groups effectively kept the black man of the south from rising in status. As depicted in Document B, a mutual agreement in that such black people should be kept under thumb was held, as shows through the assumed handshake between the Klansman and a member of the White League, equally armed with a knife. Huddled between them is a cowering mass that is a small black family, complete with what we are to perhaps suppose their dead child. That, along with the hanged Negro swaying in the background opposite the burning ruins of what once was a school, only further demonstrates their will to subjugate the Southern Negro via not only violent acts, but also by depriving him of a chance to better his standings by means of a proper education.
But, it was not only citizens who displayed overt acts of racism; the government itself participated. It was known that “…some legislatures merely revised large sections of the slave codes by substituting the word freedmen for slaves.” These Black Codes, as they were called, restricted them to a schedule, to “…live in housing provided by a landowner, and give up hope of entering many desirable occupations.” (429) Their service to the Negro was essentially only lip-deep, if not a demand of servitude of them once again.
Not only did Reconstruction fail to bring the Southern Negro up to equal status as their fellow white citizens, but it also failed to successfully maintain an integration of the races. Document G, the Civil Rights Act of 1875, had all intentions of this integration, specifically that “…all persons shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the…privileges of public conveyances on land or water…or other places of public amusement…” As expected, it was overridden by the insurmountable racism of the South, and because it “…contained no effective provisions for enforcement”, it ultimately was struck down by Congress. (443)
Also, in tune with these temporarily granted rights, was what is now known as the Grandfather Clause in Louisiana. Because of this, the South, as well as “…nine states outside the South…” were restricted in voting. The Southern Negro, of Louisiana especially, were denied of suffrage because of this clause. Indirectly, there were targeted by details that stated:
“No male person who was on January 1, 1867, or at any date prior…entitled to vote…and no son or grandson of any such person not less that twenty-one years of age…shall be denied the right to register and vote in this State…”

The Grandfather Clause effectively prohibited the Southern Negro of one of the major gains made by Reconstruction; since he was not allowed to vote before that particularly stated date, he was denied the right to vote afterwards.
This failure of integration far surpassed simple separation, escalating into legalized segregation, drawing the Negroes further away from his dreams of an equal citizenship. Jim Crowe Laws legalized the segregation, creating “…separate but equal basis, as upheld in the famous case of Plessy v. Ferguson…” (551) However separated, black and white races were not equal. Although as stated in Document F, the “…object of the Fourteenth Amendment was…to enforce the absolute equality of the two races before the law…”, it fell short of executing its intended purpose. Education and other public facilities meant for black people were either mediocre at best, or altogether nonexistent. The entire point of one of the major acts in Reconstruction was entirely missed, and the Southern Negro was once again failed.
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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Time:7:04 pm.
Do you think I'm stupid?
Or do you blatantly just do not care?

I'm really quite vexed with you now; with you, with you, with all of you!
It's not my fault she doesn't love you;
I hinted quite UN-subtlely, did I not?
Can't have two pussies in a hetero relationship, boyo.
And you know what?
I can't help it if there's nothing there!
Fucking make something!
If you have some bland vanilla icecream,
you know what you do?
Chocolate sauce?
What the fuck, NO!
You add a little cayene to it, swirl that shit around, and you open up wide.
Let THAT shock your senses,
because I'm tired of you draining me of mine!
No, actually,
even without such a safe position being played,
you're pretty even with me.



Okay, but YOU!
What the fuck is up with YOU?
So let me get this straight,
Just 'no'?
Now, I don't mean to dish up shit from the past, 
because that can be some messy stuff right there,
but didn't your vague "hmm" evolve into a sincere "we'll think about it"?
I mean, I might just be overanalyzing things again,
you know how I do,
but when you started talking prices, starting talking Sam,
I just figured, you know,
it was not a done deal, no no,
but rather,
a "getting there, moving along, slow and steady wins the race" kind of deal.
Also known as: done deal.
And then you know,
that whole,
my idea, no YOUR idea, okay wait, backtrack a bit, okay, okay, you concede, my idea--
well, that was a bitch.
But no, but no, I digress;
it is only possible because of your generousity, I know, I know,
but oh?
What's this?
You're not, you're not sure?


Were we NOT just talking about it last night? 
Oh my GOD, woman, sometimes I want to slap you so hard across the face!
Is this some fucked up side affect of all those drugs you've taken?
Post-alchohol affects?
Have you stopped your meds or something?
Woman, I swear, one day, my hand, your face!

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Time:8:46 pm.
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